Example: Road works

Triffix - Cooperation
Triffix - Cooperation

The traffic control center is notified about upcoming road works.

Triffix - Cooperation

It assesses the impact on traffic and plans an alternative route.

Triffix - Cooperation

The information is sent to triffix.

Triffix - Cooperation

triffix receives the information, collects and analyzes the data.

Triffix - Cooperation

triffix sends personalized push messages to road users.

Triffix - Cooperation

The information helps drivers to get through the traffic better and faster.

So how does it work?

Drivers only receive messages relevant to them.

Drivers receive the messages at the right time, in the right place.

Benefits for cities

  • modern civic communication – personalized, digital and flexible
  • insight into traffic flow data
  • innovative image
  • paves the way to communication with automated vehicles
Triffix - Cooperation
Triffix - Cooperation

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