The new traffic app helps you to save valuable time

The triffix app provides traffic information for Stuttgart. In cooperation with the traffic control center in Stuttgart, we send you push notifications regarding the current traffic situation on Stuttgart’s roads in real time. Our promise:


The right information, at the right time, at the right place.

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Current Pilot phase

Since the beginning of march Suttgart`s traffic control center is communicating traffic information via the triffix platform. Likewise, the first pilot users are already driving through the urban area of Stuttgart.

You are interested in taking part in our pilot project and benefit from our direct connection to the traffic control center? Then contact us and you will receive all further informations.

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triffix is your perfect buddy on the road. But remember: while you are driving use a cellphone holder for your safety.

What is triffix?

triffix is a start-up based in the grow platform GmbH, in Ludwigsburg. At this location, we are able to develop and work together towards our goal which is to permanently change mobility in cities and simplify communication between the city and the driver. As a result, we are developing a platform over which traffic information can be broadcast quickly and simply.

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Useful situations for triffix

There is always trouble in traffic. Roadworks, roads are closed, heavy traffic and many events more could appear between you and your destination. Take a look at our Instagram galery. We are collecting examples for useful situations, triffix is able to help you.
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How does the triffix app help you to navigate through traffic quickly?

How does triffix work?

Download and install the free triffix app to your Android or iPhone and you can start using it straight away. Thanks to our cooperation with the traffic control center in Stuttgart, we know exactly what is happening on the roads and where you may encounter problems. If an incident occurs on your route, we will send a push notification directly to your smartphone. This means that you can plan well ahead and simply avoid the problem area. Our promise:


The right information, at the right time, at the right place.

The app continues to develop with your help!

In the beginning of march we started the official test phase in cooperation with the traffic control center in Stuttgart. We need your help! With your feedback we can gradually improve the app until everyone is happy with it and triffix does exactly what it set out to do – help you navigate the traffic in Stuttgart more efficiently.


If you would like to take part in the pilot project, please write to us and we will send you all further information.

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Attention: traffic jam on “Neue Weinsteige” heading into the city.

Business and cooperations

Are you a public authority, a possible cooperation partner from the navigation or logistics industry and would like to improve traffic in your city together with us? Then you are in the right place to find all the information regarding our smart communication solution “triffix”. Please get in contact with us. We will be happy to arrange a meeting to show you our product more closely and to work on a solution for your city.



Stuttgart traffic control center (IVLZ)

All available traffic data is brought together in one place in the offices of the integrated traffic control center in Stuttgart. Using cameras, sensors and other traffic data sources, the integrated traffic control center has a constant overview of what is happening on Stuttgart’s roads and where problems may be encountered. They can change traffic light cycles and release traffic information in order to actively improve the flow of traffic and counteract traffic jams. The integrated traffic control center is cooperating with us on our pilot project this summer and will create the traffic information messages which we will send to you in real time.


visit the website here:

traffic control center Stuttgart

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The traffic control center in Stuttgart is always in control.

The right
information, at
the right time,
at the right place.

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The right information

GPS data and destinations you frequently visited mean we know the direction you are heading and allows us to only send information which is relevant for your journey.

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The right time

We know when the information becomes relevant due to the route you are taking. triffix then sends you the information as a push notification and, if possible, a recommended alternative route. If new traffic events occur in the meantime, we report them almost in real time.

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The right place

The traffic control center has a good overview of the situation and knows where a traffic event can still be avoided. This means that the message reaches you in right time and not once you are already stuck in traffic.

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Don’t lose time

This overview means you can plan well ahead and easily avoid any problem areas. You will arrive at your destination quicker and feeling more relaxed.

Who we are

triffix is start-up of the grow platform GmbH in Ludwigsburg. This is our home and our place to develop.
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